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30 Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill London N11 NE3


30 N Gould Street, Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum Ingot

The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company specializes in supplying high-purity Aluminum.  Aluminum is considered to be the second most abundant element on earth. It is light weight, corrosion resistant, easy machined, soft and malleable has good thermal and electrical conductivity.  Aluminum has gained prominence as an engineering material in the late 19th century.   Aluminum is primarily used in the form of alloys, because it is beneficial to effects that alloying elements can have on its properties. More recently, techniques have been developed to produce higher purity versions for specific applications which is particularly relevant in the semi-conductor industry where high purity aluminum is used in sputtering and thin films. Other applications include electrolytic capacitor foils, decorative use and electronic storage systems.

Applications for High-Purity Aluminum

  • Sputtering targets for semiconductor chip production
  • Sputtering targets for flat panel display production
  • Vacuum evaporation materials for advanced thin film applications
  • Super high purity alumina for battery application
  • Super high purity alumina for LED chip production
  • Bright finish and decorative use

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