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The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company specializes in supplying primary High-purity and Ultra-high purity industrial metals, metal powders, specialized isotopes, and rare earth elements. The purity of our products ranges from 99.999% (5N), 99.9999% (6N), 99.99995% (6N5), and in some instances up to 99.99999% (7N) and 99.999999% (8N), depending on the material.  Our company offers the highest quality products that are produced in-house by our manufacturing partners in accordance to the highest of production and manufacturing protocols and standards. 

Lone Wolf Metals is well-positioned to accommodate buyers across the globe no matter where they are located. Our global reach is made possible through our expansive supply chains and the strategic location of our headquarters, our affiliate offices, and our production facilities.  We maintain headquarters in the heartland of the United States, with affiliate offices in the United Kingdom, while our partnership-based production facilities are housed throughout high-tech China and Europe.

Our Products

We Supply Raw Materials To Advance Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life Science, and Medical Research Industries.

High-Purity Aluminum Ingot

6N (99.9999)% Aluminum Ingot  has a wide range of applications in the electronics and other high-tech industries for the preparation of high purity semiconductor alloy, electron tubes, sapphire applications, precision instrument contact material, transistor welding material, control rod of atomic reactor, and sputtering targets for semiconductor chip and for flat panel display production. 

High-Purity Copper Ingot

6N (99.9999%) Copper Ingot  primary applications are preparing high purity copper targets for functional coating of components, for high purity copper tubes, microelectronics, TFT-LCD, integrated circuits ICs, to make high purity copper rod by vacuum continuous casting, to prepare bonding wires for electronic packaging and high-quality audio cable etc. 

High-Purity Copper Powder

5N (99.999%) Copper Powder is primarily used in producing electronic components, such as printed circuit boards, flexible electronics; as a sintering additive in metallurgical processes or as a filler material in metal matrix composites, as well in drug delivery systems, diagnostics, and medical imaging in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

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Industries We Serve!

Our High-Purity industrial metals are integrally used in the production of materials commonly used in the aerospace, aviation, mechanical engineering, and military sectors.

Our High-Purity industrial metals have many applications and are used in the production and making of specialty chemicals, oil, gas, and alternative fuels.

Our High-Purity industrial metals are used in the development of modern technologies such as lasers, fluorescent lighting, LEDs, lenses, optics, and electronic sensors in the automotive and electric vehicle (EV) industries.

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