30 Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill London N11 NE3,
30 N Gould Street, Ste R Sheridan, WY 28201


30 Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill London N11 NE3


30 N Gould Street, Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801

About Us

Who are we

The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company maintains exclusive partnerships with producers of high-purity metals, isotopic minerals, and other rare earth metals.  Our partners are located in the high-tech industrial zones throughout Mainland China,  which gives us an undeniable competitive advantage to supply buyers across the globe at competitive prices.  This is all due to our production, territorial, and intellectual resources of collaboration with leading Chinese manufacturers.  Through our localized partnerships, we maintain our own manufacturing facilities to ensure the stable production and processing of high-purity and precious metals, and rare earths and elements. We leverage these close-knit relationships to maintain a leading position in the metals industry with the ability to conduct our own developmental production.

Reach Out To us

Feel free to call us about our high-purity products. We will reach back out to you at our earliest.

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